Paul Cottingham, CEG

Paul conducts field investigations, develops recommendations, completes geotechnical and geologic reports, and manages earthwork construction projects. His expertise includes project management of public and private sector projects, including residential, commercial, and infrastructure.

“Geology is a fun puzzle that is a cool part of building this great society that improves people’s lives.”

Paul’s geotechnical/geologic experience includes air photo review (including locating hazards such as landslides, debris flows, faults, and subsurface mining hazards), geologic mapping, creating geologic cross sections, logging fault trenches, subsurface exploration of landslides, characterization and logging of subsurface soil/rock conditions, examination of soil and rock for Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA), and development of geotechnical recommendations for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. 

Paul’s management of earthwork construction projects has included diligent oversight of field staff providing testing and observation for monitoring earthwork construction. He is adept at developing engineering solutions for problems that arise during construction, as well as preparing construction-related documents.

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