At ENGEO we help people realise their potential, achieve their dreams & make a difference.

We do this by challenging the status quo by thinking differently and creating optimal solutions. We trust and empower our team to listen to our clients, understand their needs and deliver innovative solutions.

ENGEO thrives by finding meaningful opportunities to promote growth and prosperity for clients and employees.

We deliver unparalleled client service in everything we do; we love to exceed expectations and delight those we serve.

Our work is explained in a clear and approachable way so that our clients feel informed and comfortable throughout their projects.

Expect Excellence


An inspired team that brings optimal solutions with astounding service


Empowering people to expand their potential

Providing cutting-edge technical expertise

Redefining client service

Elevating our profession


ENGEO Values


“When you mix the best people with the right culture – expect excellence.” – Uri Eliahu


ONE Purpose. ONE Culture. ONEGEO

The concept of ONEGEO is our deliberate effort to collaborate together as one technical family, across disciplines, cities and continents. We remove the barriers that have traditionally existed in our industry between clients, projects and people using the latest technology and our steadfast commitment to extreme client service. There is only one ENGEO in the world and as people become addicted to our service, we will adapt and grow – finding new ways to serve and delight our clients, staff and communities.

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