Director, Finance

Lora Dominick

Lora joined ENGEO in 1997 and leads ENGEO’s financial operations and strategy, as well as tracking, measurement and reporting tools, including for international offices with multiple currencies. She is passionate about ensuring that ENGEO runs as a well-oiled machine with efficiency and effectiveness. Under Lora’s leadership, ENGEO has implemented use of a powerful accounting software that features numerous control systems and a relational database with a robust CRM component. Lora’s ability to create customized reports for project managers has given ENGEO multiple options for tracking various critical financial and operational metrics. She has an eagle eye for cost saving opportunities and for ensuring that the firm is making wise purchasing decisions. Lora’s talent for automation and process streamlining has allowed ENGEO to operate at the optimum level without the need for additional accounting staff in a rapidly growing company.

A strong negotiator, Lora will take on any challenge, including initiatives that are outside of her traditional area of expertise. She has been instrumental in establishing several new offices and laboratories for the company, including terms of lease negotiations, permits for tenant improvements, and construction management.

Outside of work, you will find Lora enjoying time with her family boating, camping and other outdoor adventures, as well as doing some crafting!

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