Jonathan Boland, GE, QSD

Jon serves public agencies, developers, and land owners, providing geotechnical consulting, project management, and quality assurance materials testing for residential communities, hospitals, schools, water storage, levees and other public works projects.

Jon has extensive experience managing and coordinating field testing operations during mass grading activities, underground utility construction, and asphalt concrete paving in accordance with local and state specifications. He performs analysis of levee embankments for seepage and stability and prepares design recommendations for deep pile foundation systems, including vertical pile capacity, lateral pile deflection analysis, consideration for pile groups, and long-term settlement potential.

“I work with an ultra-talented team of professional superstars. They challenge and elevate the engineering profession, encouraging all of us to consistently grow in our work and life.”

Outside of work, Jon is hunting for a classic car project…you never know when a gem might turn up. He is also talented with an incredible ability to quickly create useless acronyms.

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