March 30, 2024

NZ Based Water Resources Engineering Team

Mark Broughton, CMEngNZ, CPEng, RecEng DSAP, RecEng PIC | Christchurch, New Zealand

Mark is an Associate Chartered Professional Geotechnical Engineer and a Recognised Dam Engineer (PIC and DSAP) with over 18 years of experience as a consultant in New Zealand. Mark has worked on a wide variety of civil and geotechnical design projects ranging from retaining wall designs along New Zealand’s State Highways to the design of new piles for the Scott Base Redevelopment in Antarctica.   Mark is passionate about Dams and is guiding clients through the Building (Dam Safety) Regulations 2022 which come into force in May 2024. 


Chase Hemming, PE, CMEngNZ | San Diego, California    

Chase joined ENGEO in 2018 after earning a M.S. in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology from UC Berkeley, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He specializes in hydrology and hydraulics, with expertise in numerical modelling, creek stabilization, post-fire mitigation, coastal processes, construction dewatering, and erosion control. After spending several years working in the San Francisco Bay Area, he is now based in San Diego, supporting water-related projects in California, New Zealand, and Australia.

Chase has worked on projects ranging from small creeks adjacent to housing developments, to large meandering rivers along railroads and highways. He is currently leading our hydrology efforts on the California Forever project, which aims to build a new sustainable city approximately 45 miles (72 km) northeast of San Francisco.

“Lucky for us, water flows downhill in both the US and NZ/AUS, so we get to work on projects across all of our ENGEO offices.”


Francis Smith | Christchurch, New Zealand                                   

Francis is a hydrologist with over 12 years of international experience in the water science and engineering sector across New Zealand, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Francis specialises in the measurement, evaluation, and interpretation of surface water hydrology and meteorology, including application to flood risk and environmental impact assessment, stormwater management and design, due diligence, engineering design and feasibility studies. Francis’s key technical expertise lies in field hydrology data collection and detailed hydrological and hydraulic analysis and modelling. Francis has practical field experience in establishing baseline monitoring networks in remote and challenging environments. His extensive experience includes conducting detailed hydrological and hydraulic investigations, which encompass stormwater modelling, flood hazard, dam break assessments, and climate change analysis. In addition to these, Francis have also been involved in the engineering design of stormwater management solutions in both rural and urban environments.

 “Water is the key to our survival, but if we don’t manage it well, we’ll be up the creek without a paddle.”


Sean Berry Auckland, New Zealand

Sean is a Hydrogeologist & Engineering Geologist with ENGEO.  He has 17 years’ experience gained while working on New Zealand and overseas projects, specialising in hydrogeology and water resources. Sean has worked on a variety of large and small projects over his career. Projects have included large high-rise buildings, industrial and potable groundwater abstraction, Resource Consent compliance monitoring, substations, onsite stormwater & surface water management, geological mapping and hazard assessments, as well as residential developments. Sean has experience in various project stages including feasibility, detailed design, tender and construction monitoring.


Sharon Tenger Auckland, New Zealand                                                    

Sharon is a hydrogeologist and contaminated land management specialist with over 30 years experienced in both consultancy and government sectors across New Zealand and Central Europe, Sharon originates from the UK.

Sharon’s key technical expertise includes groundwater, soil and ground gas assessments, sampling, monitoring and analysis, development of conceptual site models, risk assessments, contaminant transport studies and modelling. Sharon specialised in hydrogeological assessments of potential landfill and radioactive waste disposal sites for NAGRA in Switzerland. Her Masters specialised in catchment hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry in Australia.

Sharon’s government experience includes 13 years at Auckland Council as Groundwater Scientist and Contaminated Land Team Leader assessing resource consent applications and compliance monitoring, undertaking groundwater and soil research, policy development, strategic planning and analysis, legislative development including regional & unitary plans and MfE national guidelines and National Environmental Standards.


Louwrens le Roux | Auckland, New Zealand

Louwrens is a skilled Geohydrologist with an excellent academic profile and proven track record of over a decade’s experience in a wide range of subjects including hydrogeology, GIS analysis, environmental studies, management, and health and safety disciplines. Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of project management, technical issues and financial practices.

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