September 16, 2016

ENGEO Grows Leaders – Names New Principals and Associates

September 15, 2016 – ENGEO announces the promotion of six leaders to higher levels of service. Says ENGEO president Uri Eliahu, “These individuals consistently go above and beyond in service to clients and staff. Each one takes to heart what it means to mentor, serve and teach in ways that further our vision, mission and values.”
The leaders promoted are listed below, and more information on each is provided.

Dave Robotham, CEnvP
Macy Tong, GE

Jonathan Buck, GE, LEED AP, QSD
Leroy Chan, GE, LEED AP
Patrick Lam, CEG
Gareth Oddy, CEnvP

David Robotham, CEnvP, Principal, has worked in environmental consultancy since 1994, cutting his teeth on an emerging contaminated land market. Over his career he has worked on some diverse projects around the world including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Samoa and Romania. His experience includes full site contamination characterization, remediation option study assessment, stakeholder consultations, production of site management plans, consent/permitting application assistance and environmental due diligence audits.

Dave has worked with small and large clients on numerous ventures including major remediation, development and infrastructure projects. Typically these projects required support to the client on providing documentation for consent/permit applications, ensuring a smooth process and dealing with a diverse range of contaminants including asbestos, metals, hydrocarbons, timber treatment chemicals, horticultural / sheep dip residues and many other potentially hazardous materials. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Controls from University of Greenwich, London.

Macy Tong, GE, Principal, joined ENGEO in 1985. She manages geotechnical engineering services for large-scale hillside development, educational and recreational facilities, reservoirs and water infrastructure, bridges and transportation systems, and commercial and industrial construction. She specializes in slope stability analysis in large-scale hillside development; deep fill settlement/swelling analyses; mechanically stabilized earth system design; soil nail wall design; liquefaction evaluation techniques and new mitigation methods; soft soil consolidation analyses and cost-effective mitigation schemes. Macy holds a Masters of Science in Geotechnical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

Jonathan Buck, GE, LEED AP, Associate, joined ENGEO in 2002 and has more than 20 years of experience in the civil engineering industry related to geotechnical and water resources engineering. Jon specializes in creek stabilization and restoration, stormwater and erosion control management, geotechnical feasibility of earth dams and engineered slopes, deep foundation systems for bridge structures, hydrologic analysis of watersheds and wetlands, and complex permitting and regulatory issues. Jon holds a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Arizona State University.


Leroy Chan, GE, LEED AP, Associate, joined ENGEO in 2004 and has more than 12 years of experience in the geotechnical engineering field serving projects within the public and private sector. Leroy has been the project manager and engineer for numerous projects and his experience includes infrastructure, public facilities, large residential developments, commercial developments, levees, educational facilities, airports, transit centers, and medical care facilities throughout northern California.

Leroy has extensive knowledge of San Francisco Bay soil conditions. He specializes in engineering on sites with liquefiable, peaty, compressible and expansive soils. His experience includes slope stability assessment and remedial grading design, compressible soil consolidation evaluation and remediation, liquefaction and seismic susceptibility analysis, and deep and shallow foundation design. He is proficient with the latest geotechnical engineering practices and code applications. Leroy holds a Bachelor of Science in Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering from University of British Columbia.

Patrick Lam, CEG, QSD, Associate, joined ENGEO in 2004 and has been managing and coordinating complex projects throughout California and Nevada. He specializes in fault studies and geotechnical review of previously published consultant reports, aerial photos, and geologic maps as part of geologic hazards analysis. Furthermore, he has executed environmental cleanup studies at over sixty locations throughout California and is actively conducting monitoring and cleanup at several locations in California. Mr. Lam has a strong background in coordinating and executing field studies in challenging and remote areas, including Eastern California, Coastal California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Mexico, and the Middle East. Patrick holds a Master of Science in Geology from University of California, Los Angeles.

Garreth Oddy, CEnvP, Associate, has more than ten years of experience providing environmental consultancy services specializing in the identification of contaminated sites and their subsequent remediation, management and ultimately redevelopment and safe use.

His experience includes assessment and remediation of chemical manufacturing, waste management, property development, heavy and light manufacturing, transport, downstream oil and gas, printing works, timber treatment and defense sites. Past contaminated site projects have included working for a wide range of clients including the Australian Government’s Department of Defense, New Zealand Defense Force, Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited, Shell New Zealand Limited, Z Energy Limited, BP New Zealand Limited, Chemtura Corporation, Rohm and Haas (UK) Ltd, and a multitude of property developers and private landowners. Garreth holds a Bachelor of Science in Contaminant Hydrogeology from University of Sheffield.

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