June 7, 2023

Delving Deep: A Roundup of Down To Earth With ENGEO Podcast Episodes

Tune in as we navigate the complex web of infrastructure, engineering, and their recent advancements as it becomes increasingly evident that the path to a greener future lies in understanding the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and these vital sectors. Join us on a captivating audio journey that uncovers the crucial role these industries play in shaping a resilient and eco-conscious world, while unraveling the stories of visionary leaders and experts who are driving change and forging a sustainable tomorrow. 

Episode 1 

This episode introduces the hosts of Down To Earth With ENGEO: Monica Kunzel, Dr. Jeff Adams, and Gareth Ward. Each host highlights their personal journeys and motivations to combine their engineering degrees with their passion for sustainability. The conversation emphasizes the changing business perspectives towards sustainability and the adoption of the triple bottom line approach: social, environmental, and economic. They also discuss the evolving consumer behavior, where people prioritize and support companies that focus on sustainability 

Episode 2 

In this podcast episode, civil engineers Joe Tootle, PE, GE, and Chase Hemming, PE, discuss the geological impacts and mitigation measures for communities affected by wildfires. They highlight the destruction caused by wildfires to vegetation, habitat areas, and the encroachment of fire into inhabited areas. The potential alteration of soil composition and the contamination of water sources due to sediment and ash runoff are also discussed. Furthermore, the conversation emphasizes the need for quick evaluation and mitigation efforts following a fire, considering the short window of time before the rainy season.  

Episode 3 

In episode three, Monica Kunzel, Dr. Jeff Adams, and Gareth Ward discuss sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The conversation highlights that sustainability encompasses not only environmental factors, but also social and economic aspects. It emphasizes the importance of achieving goals related to poverty eradication, green infrastructure, protection of natural resources, and fair-trade practices. The hosts also discuss the potential consequences for companies that do not align with sustainability goals, such as reputational damage, loss of consumer trust, reduced investor interest, and potential negative impacts on stakeholder relationships. The episode concludes with a focus on the urgency of decarbonization and the need to reduce carbon emissions through the adoption of renewable energy sources and more efficient practices.  

Episode 4 

This podcast episode discusses the historical floods and landslides that unfolded in Auckland, New Zealand, at the beginning of 2023 and their impacts on the community from a geological perspective. The intensity and duration of the rainfall were atypical, with the entire month of January’s rainfall occurring in one event. Paul Fletcher, a Principal Engineer at ENGEO New Zealand, talks about the work done by ENGEO engineers to address the aftermath of the floods and landslides. The episode sheds light on the social implications of climate change and extreme weather events. Additionally, it raises questions about the feasibility of rebuilding roads in steep areas and the psychological effects on residents facing the prospect of relocation  

Episode 5 

The hosts, Monica Kunzel, Gareth Ward, and Dr. Jeff Adams interviewed Catherine Loye about earning a B Corporation certification and its impact on ENGEO Australia. Catherine Loye, an Associate of ENGEO’s Australian branch, spearheaded the B Corporation certification for our Adelaide office. The conversation covers various aspects of the certification process and its significance. Catherine explains that the inspiration to pursue B Corporation certification came from the desire to demonstrate social responsibility, particularly in terms of indigenous and social participation in tender processes. 

Episode 6 

The podcast episode discusses sustainable engineering, focusing on the resiliency and sustainability of civil infrastructure. The hosts emphasize the importance of resilience in infrastructure to recover from external shocks and adapt to changing conditions. The conversation touches on the relationship between resiliency and sustainability, highlighting the need to address both the cause and symptoms of climate change. Various examples are provided, including infrastructure measures to mitigate sea level rise and the role of soft infrastructure like mangrove forests.  

Episode 7 

In episode seven, hosts Dr. Jeff Adams, Gareth Ward, and Monica Kunzel discuss highlights from the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in November 2022. They emphasize that net-zero targets should focus on cutting emissions rather than relying on offsets, as well as key frameworks for adaptation approaches and “loss and damage” funding.  Overall, this episode highlights the urgent need for action on climate change, the challenges involved, and the importance of global cooperation and equitable solutions to address the climate crisis. 

Episode 8 

We are delighted to welcome our guest speaker Bali Kumar, Chief Operating Officer at PACE Loan Group, to our 8th podcast episode. Joined by our two ENGEO hosts, Jeff Adams and Gareth Ward, this podcast is about what a PACE loan is and how property owners may qualify for it. Additionally, the podcast covers how PACE loans can help a company meet its ESG goals, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as it relates to developers and property owners, and also covers some case studies of PACE loan applications. Overall, this podcast episode provides valuable insight into the services offered by the PACE Loan Group and how PACE loans can help support companies looking to grow their ESG and sustainability goals. 

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