November 5, 2020

Airport Café to Auckland Office – ENGEO Journeys

Sometimes the best things come from the most unexpected situations and a simple meeting can change the course of your life. This is certainly the case at ENGEO. It was in a meeting at an Auckland Airport café that Dave Brodie, Geotechnical Engineer, started his journey with ENGEO. The incredible impact ENGEO has had in Auckland over the past ten years was all possible because of the meeting at this unlikely location.

The idea for the Auckland office was drawn up on a napkin at the same café, which materialised into a windowless cube in a North Shore business park once Dave had joined the team. This location was a stark contrast to the Papa New Guinea landscape, where Dave had spent the last few years. Dave was then introduced to Geologist, and current Tauranga office leader, Max Mclean. Together the pair started attracting more employees and new clients in Auckland. The team experienced fantastic growth and relocated to a larger office in the present Takapuna location. Over this time, ENGEO has also grown into the second-largest geotechnical engineering firm in New Zealand. Dave highlights that without quality hiring and collaboration with ENGEO US, this growth may never have happened:
“The progress has been amazing. The benefits of hiring the right people has paid dividends in how Auckland has developed. We have been able to build due to the quality of people we have hired, but that’s not just the Auckland team, it’s ENGEO.”

When questioned about the motivation that has pushed this growth, Dave highlights how from the start he was trusted to create something excellent and supported to paint the blank canvas uniquely, while still providing innovative and pragmatic solutions for ENGEO’s clients. Dave firmly believes being able to work alongside people with similar values and motivation has fostered an environment where service is number one. “The reason people use us is because we’re people-people”.

Although the future is unknown, with Dave on the team, there will always be exciting projects, continued relationship development, and above all, lots of laughs.

We’re not a big multi; we’re just good at what we do. When looking back, we’re humbled by the growth we’ve seen and excited for where we’re going.

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