Reuben Williams

Reuben is on the leading edge of technology advancements in the engineering and development industry. A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist with supplementary skills in data management, analysis, presentation, and project management of technology-based projects, Reuben has provided GIS and information systems services to internal and external clients for a wide range of disciplines and oversees our drone and surveying operations in New Zealand, as well being involved in innovative software development.

“ENGEO is an incredible place to work, in my experience, it doesn’t get any better. My passion is in learning new things. I think everyone needs to always try to learn something new and expand their interests, no matter what age. I’m looking forward to ENGEO keeping ahead of the game by engaging new technologies to optimize the delivery of value and improve efficiency.”

Reuben is a surfer, snowboarder and mountain biker. And, with two kids under 5 he is getting really good at visiting playgrounds!

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