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Vibrant. Dynamic. Committed to Success. Constantly Improving.

All while achieving a healthy work-life balance.

At ENGEO we believe that the success of our projects is directly related to the success of our staff. Collaboration between our geotechnical engineers, geologists, and other professionals is encouraged through our multi-discipline team organization. We promote professional development of our staff both through our vibrant in-house Project Management Training Series.  In addition, we have noontime technical discussions featuring industry experts and suppliers with lunch provided for those who attend.

ENGEO is an employee-owned business, and we encourage employees to be involved with many aspects of the company. We have a culture of entrepreneurial, independent thinkers who take personal responsibility for their careers, practices and making ENGEO more successful. We have a monthly Business Strategy meeting where the company’s direction, projects, activities and ideas are shared.

ENGEO has earned a reputation not only for geotechnical excellence, but also for our collaborative culture across traditional technical disciplines and between offices. We are all in this together, and this collaboration enhances our ability to serve and even continues outside of the workplace. At  ENGEO, we emphasise fun and camaraderie. There are many opportunities throughout the year to participate in company sponsored events. Whether it be a lunchtime poker game, a family picnic or ski trip, we work hard and play hard! At the beginning of each year, every employee gets the unique opportunity to participate in an annual “all-hands” team business planning session where we collectively chart the course for our success. It’s the ENGEO way.

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