At ENGEO we believe that everyone should be able to work in an environment that does not harm their health. We are committed to assisting every workplace in providing a safe work environment through our air quality assessment and management services.

Understanding and managing the quality of air within the workplace and home is imperative to maintaining a healthy work and living environment for yourself, your family and your employees.

According to WorkSafe, an estimated 750-900 people die from work-related health issues, annually in New Zealand. The number of people that die as a result of exposure to airborne contaminants such as silica dust, diesel exhaust particulates, asbestos and the numerous industrial chemicals and metals used exceeds the number of people that tragically die in workplace accidents. WorkSafe estimate that the cost to New Zealand from cancer caused by workplace exposure to carcinogens is at least $320 million each year.

Services Explained:
ENGEO offers air quality assessment services tailored to meet each site scenario. Our team of environmental scientists can provide an assessment of the indoor air quality in the workplace and to assist you meeting your responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. ENGEO can complete the following air quality assessments :
• Confined space air monitoring for hazardous atmospheres;
• Mould and Bacteria
• Indoor air office air monitoring
• Solvents and volatile organic compounds
• Silica, coal and wood dust, particulate matter and diesel elemental carbon monitoring;
• Metals and welding fumes;
• Lead based paint removal air monitoring and clearances;
• Asbestos air monitoring and clearances;

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