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For over 45 years ENGEO has been providing geotechnical and environmental services to a variety of clients. Our clients are local, state and federal agencies, architects and engineers, and private developers. We have a broad range of project experience with development, both urban infill and large master-planned communities; transportation including roadways and bridges; critical facilities including fire stations and schools; environmental assessments and remediation; and geologic evaluations including fault location studies, landslide mitigation and repair.

Geotechnical Engineering


ENGEO’s geotechnical staff has the depth and experience to provide seamless follow-through on planning, design and construction of projects. By developing a scope of services that is tailored to each project, we provide high quality, technically superior, timely and cost-effective engineering solutions. We have a staff of highly qualified field engineers and geologists that provide expert advice during construction and subsequent performance monitoring services.

  • Site Investigation and Characterization
  • Foundation Engineering & Design Recommendations
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Geologic Hazard Assessment and Mitigation
  • Construction Observation and Testing
  • Landslide Evaluation and Repairs
  • Peer Review

Engineering Geology


ENGEO’s team of highly qualified engineering geologists develops comprehensive solutions. We provide a full range of services including field geology, site characterization, geologic risk assessment, and detailed engineering for remedial grading and mitigation plans. ENGEO provides expert advice to clients in evaluating alternatives that best meet multiple project objectives.

In addition to geologic studies, ENGEO has the depth and experience to provide seamless follow-through on land stability projects. Our professionals provide full engineering design, plan specifications and estimates for construction of remedial measures for land stability.

  • Appraisal of Geological Hazards
  • Geologic Mapping and Assessment of Large to Small Properties
  • Studies of Active and Potentially Active Faults
  • Delineation, Mitigation and Repair of Landslides
  • Characterization of Subsurface Conditions using Geophysical Surveys
  • Evaluation of Aggregate Resources
  • Studies of Mine Suitability and Design of Reclamation Work
  • Analysis and Mitigation of Rock Slope Stability
  • Analysis of Rock Rippability
  • Formation and Management of Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts
  • Geologic Analysis and Reports for EIS/EIR
  • Geologic Exploration for Tunnels, Pipelines, Transportation Corridors
  • Design of Corrective Grading Plans
  • Correction of Drainage Issues

Environmental Management

Water Ripples

ENGEO strives to meet client needs by anticipating a project’s challenges. Our client-centered team of engineers, environmental scientists, hydrologists and geologists provides a seamless approach to multi-faceted environmental projects. We offer a wide range of services; from assessments and remedial design through programme management for implementation, monitoring, and compliance.

  • Environmental Management Audits
  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Detailed Site Investigations
  • Human Health and Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Resource Consent Applications and Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • Resource Consent Compliance Monitoring
  • Remedial Options Appraisal
  • Remediation Engineering

Asbestos Services


ENGEO’s asbestos services team is one of the largest of all multi-disciplinary consultancies in New Zealand.  Our independent expert asbestos services help clients comply with changing regulation and guidelines when undertaking asbestos-related work.  The combination of high-quality experience, industrial qualifications, and training, provides clients with a cost effective and practical solution. Services include:

  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Risk Register
  • Management Plans
  • Compliance Air Monitoring
  • Bulk Sampling
  • Soil Investigations, Remediation and Validation
  • Remediation Management with a Certificate of Competence Holder

Ground Source Heat Pump Systems (Geothermal)

Based on the Site geologic properties, ENGEO can develop Ground Heat Exchange (GHX) thermal parameters for use in Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) design, or can offer turnkey GSHP design, installation, and development of a financial delivery model for monetizing the energy efficiency savings to the developer. A GSHP system can be readily integrated with complementary technology (e.g. wind, solar, CHP, heat recovery) to form an important part of your energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to meet sustainability targets. As project planning progresses into architectural design, we can meet with you, your architect, and your MEP designer to further assess and maximize energy saving opportunities and efficiencies.

As part of the feasibility assessment, ENGEO will assess the viability of open and closed loop Ground Heat Exchange (GHX) systems relevant to the optimal GSHP system on your site. Considerations include:

  • Thermal properties of soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions
  • Access to a high yielding, available and reliable groundwater aquifer
  • Access to an available and reliable surface water source
  • Required site work to reduce the cost of installation of a GHX

ENGEO employs International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) accredited GSHP installers and designers, to ensure that best practices and the latest approaches are utilized, to maximize efficiency and deliver a sustainable system.

For existing systems, ENGEO is adept with proven abilities to trouble-shoot under-performing systems, identifying through forensic analysis how to best optimize system designs to heat and cool with greater efficiency and reduced cost.

UAV Surveying


ENGEO offers aerial photography through the use of an un-manned aerial vehicle (UAV). We can produce seamless digital orthophoto mosaics of entire areas as oblique or vertical photographs. We have the ability to produce digital terrain models (DTM) and produce high quality contours where we can generate ground cross section profiles. We can then use these models to design rockfall protection measures, assess rockfall volumes, model slope stability and a host of other applications. Our software can generate point clouds to be used in conjunction with our AutoCAD software where measurements can be obtained and final design drawings produced.

In addition to these high-end modelling capabilities, we are also able to produce high resolution video or photography in order to record conditions on a slope to allow for assessment of changes that occur over time as part of a geological hazard monitoring program or simply for construction monitoring.

Groundwater & Resource Management


ENGEO provides a comprehensive range of groundwater services to civil, industrial, land development, energy, and agricultural sectors. We have local industry leaders in field investigation and complex analysis tools, backed by a strong practical understanding of the groundwater science and issues in New Zealand.

Our services are focused in three main areas:

  1. Groundwater supply and management projects;
  2. Groundwater impact assessments; and
  3. Regulatory approvals.

Our groundwater services are delivered by professionals with specific local and international experience of numerical groundwater modelling (including FEFLOW and MODFLOW), analytical groundwater analysis, aquifer test pump program design and analysis, detailed groundwater site investigations (including geophysical investigation and interpretation) GIS analysis and policy and regulatory affairs.

Groundwater Resource Management

  • Numerical groundwater flow modelling in FEFLOW and MODFLOW;
  • Site investigations including aquifer test pump and geophysical program design and analysis;
  • Detailed analytical analysis of site investigation data;
  • Regulatory approvals for groundwater consents;
  • Groundwater resource assessments for site and catchment-scale projects.

Ground Heat Exchange Systems

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems are an established technology increasingly used as a major energy efficiency solution for new buildings and as the major components of District Energy Systems (DES) for larger developments.

A GSHP system allows thermal energy to be obtained from the ground beneath a site, using the strata and groundwater as a heat source or heat sink on a seasonal basis. And a well-designed and operated GSHP system provides building heating and / or cooling extremely efficiently, thereby reducing carbon emissions and making significant savings on operational expenditure against conventional heating and cooling technology.

GSHP systems are considered to be low or zero carbon technologies, which reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and form part of a raft of carbon reduction measures that ensure sustainable objectives are achieved. GSHP systems have been successfully developed in the US, Scandinavia and other parts of the world since the 1970s.

ENGEO is capable of undertaking a full range of services for GSHP and District Energy integrated energy efficiency projects, including:

  • Feasibility study;
  • Site investigation;
  • Detailed system design;
  • System integration and commissioning, including BMS programming; and
  • Long-term maintenance.

Construction Management


In addition to a full range of engineering services, ENGEO is fully capable to supply the following construction management services to our clients.

  • Conducting tendering process
  • Evaluating bids and awarding contracts
  • Scheduling subcontractors
  • Providing weekly summary report for subcontractor work
  • Coordinating site activities
  • Assisting with subcontractor billing review
  • Monitoring budgets
  • Evaluating change order requests
  • QA/QC
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