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Regional Bowls Centre

Naenae, Lower Hutt, Wellington
Hutt City Communities Facilities Trust’s new Regional Bowls Centre in Vogel Street, Naenae consists of a clubroom building and an indoor bowls greens building – one of the few indoor greens in the country.

ENGEO provided geotechnical investigation and foundation advice. Following a desktop study and an investigation that comprised three boreholes to depths of up to 10.5 m, ENGEO prepared a report describing the site soil characteristics, providing liquefaction analysis and comprehensive options and recommendations regarding the required pile foundations.

The site soils feature a soft, compressible and liquefiable layer overlying strong gravels. The chosen foundation method consisted of timber piles driven into the gravels. Due to the possible draw-down effects of the soft layer, careful design was required to ensure that piles had sufficient strength and stiffness.

ENGEO designed and observed test piling on site and updated the pile design, working in close association with the structural engineering firm, Dunning Thornton. ENGEO also observed construction of the production piles.

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